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A very large room of great importance thanks to its two entrances, one private from the outside, accessed through a covered porch overlooking an enchanting garden; and an entrance from the Hall of the Hotel which, through the elevator and/or the stairs, leads to an atrium, suitable to welcome guests or collect registrations or exhibit information material or... before entering the Sforza Room.

Characteristics and number of guests

  • 225 mq.
  • 200
  • 55
  • 60
  • 50
  • YES

Thanks to the large windows, the Sforza room enjoys excellent natural lighting; in the case of projections, the large curtains help the best view of the room; in fact this room is equipped with a screen for the video projection.
The Sforza Room is also equipped with a private bathroom, which can only be accessed by meeting participants.

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